4W Select
A Private Network for Elite Events

4W Select is an invite only custom branded mobile app and software suite designed to completely revolutionize the way businesses can reward and connect to their most valuable customers.

Whether it's a celebrity hosted dinner event or behind the scenes access on the red carpet 4W select is the perfect invite only tool to cater to your most elite clients.

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Virtual Reality For Real-Estate

VRTKL Media is a Miami based Virtual & Augmented Reality company specializing in providing interactive experiences for real-estate.

Zakkour Technology Group has developed proprietary software for VRTKL Media.


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On-Demand Gas Delivery

EzFill is a revolutionary on-demand gas delivery app. The ancient chore of driving to the gas station is over; now you can have gas delivered straight to your car for less than the price at the pump.

Schedule on-demand or in advance and one of EzFills trained and insured professionals will come fill up your car.

We fill while you chill.

Free On-Demand Transportation

KEYRIDE is a proprietary rideshare platform designed to bring free door-to-door transportation to residents and visitors of Key Biscayne, FL. This mobile application connects passengers to a fleet of environmentally friendly electric vehicles. KeyRides software operates with a live interactive map where both drivers and passengers view eachothers location in real time.

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The Business Dashboard

 ASAP Business Dashboard enables any business to enjoy the benefits of having a custom tailored mobile app presence.

This system is packed with features designed to enhance the way you do business. Some features include managing your customers appointments and communicating with them utilizing custom push notifications, to creating your business bubble and sending proximity based promotions. It's simple to set-up and operate, plus you can immediately sync your current client list.

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Mobile Booking

The free ASAP Mobile application lets you schedule appointments  anywhere, anytime; right from your phone. You can also cancel or reschedule existing appointments without having to make a call!

Looking for the next available opening? With ASAP choose to be put on a virtual waitlist and once a time slot opens up, you will be immediately notified by a text notification where you can accept and confirm or deny and continue waiting. ASAP allows you to Browse various services and businesses by category, read reviews and even rate your own experience. Receive notifications when promotions and specials are running and even pay directly through the app.

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Live Exclusively mobile application for New York and Miami bring top tier real estate listings directly to you. Explore some of the most luxurious and exclusive residences through high resolution pictures and videos. You are able to schedule viewings, share properties via social media and get direct access to new construction and development databases. Live Exclusively is extremely user firendly and has all relevant information such as floor plans, sqaure footage and pricing all in one place. Make your dreams come true with us! 

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DABO is a unique algorithm based gifting application integrated with some of the worlds largest vendors.  With DABO you can easily send gifts to your loved ones, friends and colleagues. DABO reminds you of occasions and suggests appropriate gifts that you can send with just a few touches on your smartphone.


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The Gifting App

" AMEN APP ™ is the first application using the ancient and beautiful tradition of lighting a candle for a prayer for someone or some cause, you can detonate the intention of the heart, words and thoughts of millions of Catholics, a powerful collective act of faith, breaking distances and limitations of time and place, from our mobile devices."



Download AMEN for iPhone or Android today!

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The Prayer Candle App
Safety Text

RollCall is an automated text messaging app that lets parents and loved ones know that their college students, kids, traveler or loved ones are safe, even when they are away from home. Everyone will love this one-of-a-kind app. This is a must-have for parents and others with loved ones that are away because each time they receive a RollCall text they will know the sender is safe. Students, kids and travelers will love it too because it’s hassle-free and they don’t have to remember to text or call everyday!


Download RollCall Safety Text for iPhone or Android today!

mobile app companies miami
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White-Label App for Restaurants

Our main offices are in New York and Miami, two cities which are primarily dominated by the hospitality industry. We have developed a series of applications that can be branded and utilized for businesses at a lower cost and higher quality than anywhere else.

These applications include everything from location-based services,

e-commerce capabilities, and loyalty rewards programs to keep your customers coming back.

We also build custom mobile applications for restaurants which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. If you would like to get a quote on developing your restaurants mobile application, please contact our team and we will set up an appointment for consultation.

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Mobile Medical Technology

We designed and developed an IOS application to record and share your heart activity with your doctor. The application adapts with patented hardware which provides clear, precision audio to capture the hearts activity.

The features of this mobile medical application include; live listening, recording, and sharing audio files directly through the application interface. We brought additional value to this project by doing both the front-end design of the user-interface, and the back-end programming.

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Nutrition & Fitness Software

Trinity is an algorithm-based nutrition & fitness software. This custom software allows users to generate customized fitness & nutrition plans to help them achieve a variety of goals. Whether you are a teenage male trying to bulk up, or a middle-aged woman trying to lose weight, this system will guide you through the foods & exercises you need to meet your goals.

 The idea is to not only tell users what they should be putting in their body, but also how they should be exercising to shape and tone their body appropriately.


Personal Gofer

 This mobile app allows you to get your To-Do list done, without actually having to do anything yourself. This “errand network” app offers maid services, driver services, moving assistance, personal assistance, handymen, nanny’s, event staff and much more. Basically you can get anything and everything you want, whenever you want. The people (Gofers) you hire are screened with background checks and are local in your neighborhood communities. You post a task, get a Gofer assigned and pay once its done.

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This project was developed to fight drinking and driving on college campuses by providing students with affordable transportation.

We developed a social-networking based custom software for this website, which allowed students to create accounts and sign up for group limousines with peers from their school.

We launched this as a non-profit web-software and let it spread naturally campus to campus. We developed a mobile application for this project to allow students to use it on the go. We were acknowledged by Lynn University in Boca Raton for making a positive impact on their student body.

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i95 Exotic Rentals

This custom website was developed in miami for one of the top exotic rental companies in the area. We re-designed their website to provide a fresh look for their online store-front.

The design reflects an appreciation for negative space, allowing the products to take the full focus of visitors. The company offers exotic car rentals, motorcycle rentals and yacht rentals, so we organized their inventory into a custom system for display purposes.

The website is coded in HTML5 allowing optimal mobile formatting and recognition from search engines.

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RV Rentals of Orlando

We were recently hired to give a modern face-lift to the most popular RV Rental company in Florida, RV Rentals of Orlando. We decided to encompass all of the experiences one might enjoy while using an RV into the design of their website. Focusing on high-definition photo's, detailed fleet descriptions, and modern responsive coding is what gave us the final product you see now.

When designing a rental website it is important to focus on displaying your fleet in the most attractive way possible. We made sure to put enough color and media into the site to bring it to life, while not distracting visitors from the information.