Henry, Director Of Engineering

Meet Henry

Henry is the founder and Senior Director Of Engineering at Zakkour Technology Group. He has a background in business, programming and specialized experience in launching startups.  Henry works with clients to turn their ideas into a detailed development strategy.


Sunil, Senior Technical Director

Meet Sunil

Sunil is the lead system analyst as well as active technical director at Zakkour Technology Group. He has a background in business & IT and specializes in analyzing client requirements and tailoring the solutions with their end goals in focus. He is apt at multi-tasking and works with clients to understand how they see their project and then translate it into a set of instructions and layout that the programmers can understand.


Dylan,  Senior Project Manager

Meet Dylan

Dylan is our senior project manager. Dylan has over five years experience in launching startups and has worked with a diverse collection of clients from industries ranging from hospitality to clinical medicine and everything in between.


Dylan has great communication skills and is a superb liaison between clients and our programming team.

Meet Julie

Julie is our Creative Director. She has over 7 years of experience guiding the creative process for clients from concept design to global marketing campaigns. She has a talent with organization, which enhances the quality of service our team offers. Julieanna has a background in business administration and specializes in project coordination as a technical liaison.


Julie, Creative Director


Bryan,  Lead Front-End Developer

Meet Bryan

Bryan is our lead front-end developer. Bryan  specializes in bringing the user side of software to life. He is passionate about designing and developing all custom software and integrated systems to the highest possible standards. As a software engineer Bryan is also responsible for developing artificial intelligence-based algorithms. With a background in computer science, Bryan has diverse experience in data science and software.

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Meet Jairo

Jairo is the head of our Graphic design department. Jairo specializes in capturing our client’s vision through strategic planning and implementation. As a designer Jairo works side by side with clients to develop wireframes and ensure that each project has the highest quality of aesthetics, and user experience. Jairo is well known for his creativity, communication skills, and his department has an important role in every project.


Jairo, Senior Graphic Designer


Our company is comprised of industry professionals from all areas of technology. Our team has been in the business of providing web development and software engineering services for a combined period of over 50 years. We have watched technology progress over time and have positioned ourselves to grow with new trends in the future.



Zakkour Technology Group is a boutique custom software and mobile application development company. We specialize in bringing people's ideas and businesses to life. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service. We offer in-person consultations, along with a customer dashboard to manage the project as it progresses.


Zakkour Technology Group believes that every project is one-of-a-kind. Entrepeneurs and business owners are unique, and with each project we take on, we hope to break new ground in that industry. To develop a masterpiece, planning is required. Our relationship begins with planning and is followed through with support and guidance from start to finish.