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TELIOX case study

Clinical Data Analysis & Patient Management

Teliox brings hospital-level care to patients everywhere. The clinical data doctors require to treat, diagnose and manage patients regardless of location. Our software captures data in real-time from a proprietary adapter that integrates with a range of interchangeable sensors.

Phase 1

Ad Buy Network

Through ad-network bidding we procure traffic based on variable filters for enrollment requirements.

We offer flat bids in Ad Buyer Networks for raw lightly filtered user traffic. The filters applied are macro focused and tailored based on analytic data and filters implied by user needs / enrollment target type.

The traffic can then be split into two paths:


Click 2 Call

Leads can be sent straight from the ad to our phone system, bypassing the web funnel. These leads can still be filtered further using our "chat bot" on their call prior to "hot lead" transfer.

Web Funnel

Through backtested landing funnels we further filter traffic via form entries / click to call / Automated Web-Based Chatbot.

Automated Call Bot

We connect leads to our automated call system either via direct click-to-call or form submission activated call. Our system can automatically filter users further via voice bot communication. 

Lead Handover

Once filtering is complete leads can be "hot transferred" to the destination of choice for "closing".

Audited Handover

Once call bot filters are applied, our system can automatically forward the calls to the corresponding call center / "closer". The system can audit these calls and create billing based on the call time.




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