Prep guide


How to prepare for your consultation

Even though all projects are unique, the first two steps are always exactly the same. We start the process with a free initial consultation and follow this with a process called wireframes. During the initial consultation it is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and make sure our work styles match. The relationships we form are as important as the work we do, so we take time to get to know the entrepreneurs behind each project.

If you have created "mock-ups" or a presentation for your project please bring these items to your initial consultation or send them to our team via email prior to the meeting. If you do not have these items don't worry, we have had clients go from hand drawn sketches on napkins to success in the past, we will be able to work with you to create the aesthetics once your project has been accepted.

To learn more about the initial consultation and find answers to commonly asked questions see the list below.

How much does the consultation cost?

The initial consultation is completely FREE! This meeting is our opportunity to get to know each other & see if our work styles are a good fit. During this meeting we will assess the general scope of your project and determine the macro objectives. We refer to this as the "thirty thousand feet" conversation, which means we are looking for a general understanding of the project and any key features needed. Once we start wireframes we get into the details of each screen and each functionality.

How far in advance do I schedule my appointment?

We suggest scheduling your initial consultation as far in advance as possible, as our availability fills up fast & we do not accept every project. Generally clients should schedule their initial consultation at least three days to one week in advance of their desired consultation date.

What do I need to bring?

Some of our clients arrive with detailed professional "mock-ups" (graphic designs) of their proposed project others show up with nothing at all. Both of these are completely acceptable, however it is best to arrive with a clear explanation of your goals so our team can best serve you.

How do I make sure my idea is protected?

We offer Non-Disclosure agreements to all of our clients. These agreements protect anything proprietary about your idea and ensure that your proprietary information will not be used for ANY reason unless it is in connection to working with you.

What are wireframes?

Wireframes are a full representation of the final product we will build for each client. During the wireframe process our staff will offer technical & entrepreneurial consultation to enhance the project. This process enables our staff to run feasibility tests & create a development schedule to count the number of hours and engineers that will be used.  Wireframes create complete transparency for our development team & for our clients, this way there are no surprises later! Once wireframes are complete we will provide a full breakdown of every screen in the project from login to logout paired with functionality descriptions for each screen.

How do I know if Z.T.G. will accept my project?

Due to high demand & quality control we do not accept every project. We only accept projects that we believe we can add value to and successfully bring to market. Our mission is to provide top tier services to our clients, therefore each client has full access to our development team along with a dedicated project manager. 

How much will my project cost?

Every project is unique with its own user interface and functionalities; because of the custom nature of the projects we build it is impossible to know the cost of a project without first determining exactly how the system will look and how it will function. For these reasons it is imperative we complete wireframes with every client before a final price can be determined. The cost of each project is determined by the number engineers needed and the number of hours of work required.

How long will my project take to build?

The timeline for a project can only be determined by completing wireframes. During your initial consultation our staff will try to provide a "ballpark" estimate of the timeline of your project. This will be a rough estimate based on comparable platforms we have built in the past, however can change dramatically depending on the specific feature requests made by the client.

Can Z.T.G. help me launch my product?

We can! We specialize in working with entrepreneurs to take their concepts to market. We offer a variety of marketing services including: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click marketing, App Store Optimization, Graphic Design, Animation and Content Production services. We suggest our clients ask about which of these services could benefit your project during your initial consultation.

How do I support/update my project after I launch?

We offer free insurance for a fixed period (typically 30-60 days) after your product is delivered. Once this period expires we offer ongoing annual support & maintenance services for all of the products we build.

What if I want to modify my product after launch?

It is very common for products to be modified post-launch, these modifications are typically referred to as "updates". Zakkour Technology Group can update your product with you at any stage after launch, the process would include wireframing the updates to establish the scope, cost and timeline required to perform the update. Each update is performed under a new agreement with Zakkour Technology Group.