Web DEvelopment

 If you need a website developed, you are in good hands. Our programmers are available to begin your initial FREE consultation. Our clients include people from all industries including, lawyers, doctors, entrepeneurs, restaurants, hotels, and many more!

We specialize in bringing the latest technology available to our clients. We keep up to date with the latest trends in web design and development to offer New York City and Miami the highest level of service.


We offer a back-end dashboard to all of our web clients to monitor and contribute to the development process. This dashboard shows timelines, design proposals, and progress towards completion of the project. We believe project transparency is the only way to bring our clients the best results.

Whether you have an old website that needs to be upgraded or a new business in need of an e-commerce website we are always available to help.

 Website Development

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Website Development Process

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is where our relationship starts. We offer this service either in-person, over the phone or online via virtual meeting. We suggest preparing for this consultation by sending us a description of how your project will look and what your project will do. (Aesthetics & Functionalities). 

The wire-frame process is a crucial step for developing your website. They serve as the blueprint for your project and will allow us to give you a precise budget & time-line of development.

The final wire-frame's will represent what the finished product we deliver you will look like and what it will do.



Project Development

The development time-line is generally split into phases, depending on the size of the project. Once development starts you will have access to a custom client dashboard, which enables you to watch as your project comes to life.

 Support & Maintenance

We offer Support & Maintenance programs for any type of website we develop. Typically applications include complimentary 'Programming Insurance" which guarantees flawless functionality for a designated period of time.

 Marketing Solutions

Zakkour Technology Group is a leading provider of Search Engine Optimization services and PPC Management services. Our team includes digital marketing specialists who custom cater solutions for each project.